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Monday, April 26, 2010

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Did you know that twins can have different father?

Every month a woman’s ovary releases one egg that can be fertilized by one sperm. But in this case, a pair of eggs emerged. Based from the scientific explanation, sperm can remain alive inside the reproductive tract of women for 5 days, in this way; she can have sex with different man within those days. That will cause fertilization of two or more ova by spermatozoa of different males.

This rare occurrence happened in Texas when a 20 years old woman gave birth of 2 handsome twins with different father on the year 2009. The secrecy began when his partner became concerned of their twins for they looked so different. A paternity test followed. When truth came that the one child is not his son, he was hurt but since he loved the twins since then, he decided to raise the child all the way until now.

How it is proven?

A DNA paternity test is performed in order to come out with the answer. This phenomenon is rarely case documented in the world and it is known as hetereopaternal superfecundation. It is derived from the word “fecund” meaning the ability to produce offspring. It happens within hours or days of the first instance of fertilization. Ovulation is stop during pregnancy to prevent further ova to become fertilized and to help to have a full term pregnancy. However, if the ovum is released after the impregnated, there is a second chance of pregnancy.



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